Team Medical Policy

Medical Policy

Our philosophy concerning injuries is two-fold. First, the health and safety of the wrestler is our number one concern. Second, we want to get an injured athlete ready to wrestle again as quickly as possible. In the unfortunate incident that someone becomes injured, we have established this policy, designed to evaluate and treat the wrestler as quickly as possible. Should an injury occur, we will follow this protocol:

  1. Parents will be notified immediately if any serious injuries occur and require a medical professional to evaluate them.
  2. Evaluation by a trainer, medical professional, or coach (depending on when the injury occurs and upon who is present at the practice or meet). Between the athletic trainer and coaching staff it will be determined if the wrestler needs to see a doctor right away. The goal of the trainer and coaching staff is to have the wrestler participate as long as it is safe for them and others. Coaches need to be informed of any and all injuries that occur outside of the wrestling room in order to best support the athletes. In the end, the athletic trainer will have final say in clearing an athlete.
  3. When a wrestler is being seen by a doctor, the coaches need to know any information pertaining to the injury. It is very important that the coaches are kept up-to-date on the status of all serious injuries. Once a wrestler has seen a doctor, the only one who can clear the wrestler to participate again is a doctor, no matter how the athlete feels. After the doctor has cleared the athlete, the trainer will determine when the athlete can return.
  4. A doctor’s note will be required for a wrestler to be excused from practice for an extended period of time. However, wrestling is a contact sport and many minor injuries can occur. The trainer and/or the coaches will work with each injury and each athlete on an individual basis and some practice time may be missed without a doctor’s note. Wrestlers are expected to attend practice even if they cannot participate. View our flyer with guidance on practicing while injured.
  5. When an injured player returns, they must demonstrate that they are capable of returning to the mat, and will be given every opportunity to win a starting spot. If a starting spot is in contention with another wrestler competing close to the same level, the physical stability of the injured athlete may be taken into account when deciding on starting positions.

Skin Disease Prevention

Unfortunately, wrestling, like any other contact sport, carries a risk of transmitting skin diseases. The Yorktown Wrestling team takes every precaution to prevent this from happening. It is extremely important for all wrestlers to follow the below guidelines to protect the team’s health.

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer (Purell) before entering the wrestling room.
  • Shower with soap and water directly after practice.
  • Always use clean towels, washed after every use.
  • Always wash workout clothes after every workout.
  • Wash knee pads, headgear, and shoes on a regular basis.
  • Do not leave wet shoes or knee pads in the bag overnight. Let them dry out.
  • NEVER wear wrestling shoes outside.
  • Check for rashes and skin abrasions daily and immediately report any to a coach.
  • Apply kennedy shield foam before participating in practice or matches.
  • Wipe down immediately after practice/wrestling.

If a wrestler has a skin disease that requires a doctor’s visit they are required to have the official VHSL skin form filled out in order to compete. A traditional doctor’s note will not allow the wrestler to compete.