We encourage our athletes to stay active and connected as a team during the pandemic. We are holding one outdoor conditioning practices per week. Click below to view the schedule.


We believe that anyone who participates in wrestling, regardless of ability, can become a winner. We develop successful wrestlers by focusing on excellence in academic performance, technique, conditioning and health. 


We rely on the support of our community, family and friends to continue to grow and thrive. All donations are tax deductible and used 100% in support of our wrestlers.

Coach's Welcome

As head coach, I couldn’t be more proud of how the Yorktown Wrestling Program has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite not having a season we remained focused on building off of our 2019-2020 successes. Our coaches have used the past year as an opportunity to work on five of the seven essentials of wrestling as described by Dan Gable: Strength; Conditioning; Flexibility; Nutrition and Attitude. 71% of what makes us great wrestlers happens off the mat. We have kept training and learning and will start the 2021-2022 season as a stronger and more motivated team. In the meantime let’s keep training, stay focused and stay hungry.


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Especially during COVID we need home workout and sanitation supplies for our wrestlers. 

Our goal is to promote a positive experience for our wrestlers and to give each athlete the tools necessary to reach his or her highest level of success on and off the mat.

Meet Our Coaches

When I joined the team as a freshman, the constant losses and intense workouts made me think the sport wasn’t for me. The coaching staff refused to let me give up on myself, and pushed me beyond my self-imposed limits. They turned me from a novice wrestler to one of the best in the state in a very short period of time.

Bijon Bose

Wrestler and Co-Captain, Class of 2020

Wrestling teaches kids the importance of community.  The Yorktown wrestling team coaches went above and beyond to provide our kids with a support system and help them reach their goals as wrestlers.

Patricia Gil and Kevin Schwartz

Wrestling Parents