Team Testimonials

What Our Parents Have to Say

YHS wrestling is a great program! Coaches get to know the wrestlers and support them as they work toward their individual goals. They focus a great deal on the student-athletes’ characters— hard work, integrity, dealing with adversity, winning with grace, treating others respectfully. The wrestlers support one another and have fun. And they had a successful season!

Dawn Bova

Most parents understand the importance of kids being involved in some sort of sport. Wrestling was what our son Liam gravitated towards. It has helped instill a confidence in him on and off the mat.  Another important benefit of sports is that it teaches kids the importance of community.  The Yorktown wrestling team coaches went above and beyond to provide our kids with a support system and help them reach their goals as wrestlers.  Andrew and Will, along with Amy, not only taught our kids the benefits of working as a team to reach a common goal,  but went to great lengths to get the parents involved in an inclusive way to be part of this community;  we cannot wait until next season!  Grateful beyond words for all their attention and dedication to helping our kids become well rounded adults!

Patricia Gil and Kevin Schwartz

As a YHS Wrestling Parent, I can say that I am very proud of our new coaching staff, our team and all of our supporters. Our 2019-2020 season was quite exciting with some great up, a few downs and a wonderful finale with titles as Arlington County Champions and District Champion and most impressively, Coach of the Year! It is only springtime and I am excited to see what our next winter season will be like as I know our young wrestlers are doing virtual workouts together as well as their own workouts. It is going to be a BIG 2020-2021 season and I can’t wait!

David Swiger

At Yorktown the wrestling coaches look out for the kids on the mat and off, making sure that the grades are met and that equipment, facilities and transportation are always available.  The coaches push the kids in practice and the team’s commitment to each other is shown throughout the season. With great participation and through the bruises and practices, the kids define each other’s characters and form a tight bond. The success is evident as the Yorktown wrestling team were District champions. The coaches have played an integral part in Blake’s development and are there day in and out, providing the groundwork to make him a better man.

Matt Buchert

The Yorktown wrestling program is one of the best high school wrestling platforms in Northern Virginia. The coaches are exemplary and bring lifetimes of experience to the kids. The program emphasizes the core pillars important to the sport – perseverance, character and inner strength. The emphasis is not on win at all cost but on “win with pride” and teamwork.

My son spent four years being honed by the coaches of this team. I watched my son and his peers on the team grow, become more self confident, and balanced as student-athletes. The lessons he learned in the training rooms and in the tournaments were core character traits – they. will serve him not only in college but later in life during real world battles life often poses.

The Yorktown program’s lead coach earned the honor and distinction as Coach of the Year after the laudable 2020 season. It was well earned by Coach Adams and stands as a sterling reminder of how this program has evolved to the highest levels of excellence.

For all parents wanting more discipline, old world challenge and balance in the lives of your sons and daughters, give this program a look.

Sudeep Bose

What Our Wrestlers Have to Say

I have been involved in Yorktown Wrestling for six years. From watching my brother in middle school to my senior year as team captain I have seen a complete transformation of the program. The year my brother joined, Yorktown filled four out of twelve weight classes for the district tournament; this year we won the tournament with wrestlers placing in almost all twelve weight classes. This change is undoubtedly an effect of our coaches. As athletes, our coaches have inspired us each and every day to show determination in the face of the most mentally and physically demanding high school sport. As students, our coaches promote discipline in academics and understand its importance. As I have said many times I feel very fortunate to have learned from coaches with such knowledge and dedication as well as be a part of a team that is constantly making strides forward, although I know it is just the beginning.

Will Hurst

Class of 2020

The Yorktown Wrestling Program has given myself and my teammates many opportunities to succeed and get better throughout the season. As proven by our District Champion title, this program is capable of working the wrestlers to the point of maximum possible improvement, physically and mentally. Even though it may not be the most popular sport, it is definitely the hardest and requires the most dedication. As long as new freshman/students continue to join, our coaches and work ethic will provide wins across the county and give Yorktown a wrestling dynasty over Arlington.

Zach McAndrews

Class of 2021

Wrestling at Yorktown is not easy but worth it. My coaches and teammates pushed me to work hard. I gained new friends and a new passion.

Eyob Desta

Class of 2023

Being on the team has helped me to stay on track with staying in shape and being healthy. The coaches are really helpful and help me to stay focused and keep getting my body stronger. Another thing I like about the team is that I have made some new friends. As a wrestler I have learned that you should never give up. If you do it over and over you can get it – that’s why you should never give up.

Berket Wuba

Class of 2022

When I joined the team as a freshman, the constant losses and intense workouts made me think the sport wasn’t for me. However, the coaching staff refused to let me give up on myself, and pushed me beyond my self-imposed limits. They turned me from a novice wrestler to one of the best in the state in a very short period of time. Off the mat, the team provided me a second family. I was always able to go to my coaches for advice, and my teammates were always there to lend a helping hand. The support I felt from them this past season was unbelievable, and I am forever indebted to them for making me who I am today.

Bijon Bose

Class of 2020

The reason I like the Yorktown wrestling team is because the people on the team. The coaches are really nice and support each other and help everyone to get better. I like wrestling because it helps me become physically and mentally stronger and teaches me how to adapt to new challenges.

Emilio Whittle Hage

Class of 2022

I like the team because it taught me how to work out the right way and build physical strength. Being on the team even if for just one year gives you a sense of brotherhood and belonging. You never feel left out. The coaches pushed us really hard but it really paid off seeing how we demolished at districts and ended up being a solid team.

Theo Wallace

Class of 2023

Over the past couple of seasons, being a part of the wrestling team has shaped me into the person I am, both mentally and physically. It really allows me to get better grades by the second quarter of school, as my discipline increases and procrastination decreases. Lastly, being a part of the best wrestling team has allowed me to achieve not just numerous fitness goals but academic goals as well, and that leads to great things

Yassin Alallaq

Class of 2021

My favorite part about wrestling is that it was a sport that allowed me to use both my body and mind. Using those key components in unison taught me self control, balance, and to and mainly how to think clear under pressure. With the many times I was nervous before or during a match, I was forced to learn something new after each and every one of them, allowing me to be continuously improving. Wrestling not only taught me to notice my shortcomings, but to target them head on with a clear goal in mind.

Lyndon Mensah-Cooley

Class of 2021

The thing that sets Yorktown Wrestling apart is that our coaches commitment and drive is impeccable. I wouldn’t even call us a team, but brothers. Whether it is learning a new move, to even external issues. We are all there for each other. The team had definitely changed myself for the better and will continue to do the same for new wrestlers.

Ian Haddad

Class of 2022