Team Response to COVID-19

Stay safe and up-to-date on the latest information.

Please visit this page often for team updates related to the pandemic.

The health and safety of our student athletes is our top priority. All decisions regarding sports teams will be determined by Arlington Public Schools. Please visit their website for the latest updates.

We are currently holding outdoor, in-person conditioning sessions with the team. These will not be traditional wrestling practices and will focus on overall conditioning.

  • Sessions will take place on Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm outside on the Yorktown turf. Check our calendar to view the ongoing schedule.
  • Before the start of the session we will have each participant fill out a questionnaire and take their temperature.  If they do not pass the screening, they will be sent home.
  • These sessions will be entirely individual and socially distanced.  Athletes are required to wear masks throughout the session.
  • The first and most important thing every wrestler will need for the conditioning sessions is a positive attitude.  In addition they will need a mask, a water bottle, sneakers and clothes appropriate for the weather as they will be outside.
  • Parents will need to fill out the emergency contact cards which are needed in order to participate in the first session. Wrestlers will also need to complete a physical. Both forms can be found on the For Parents page of our website. The cards need to be turned in to the coaches and the physical form needs to be emailed to   
  • We manage our parent and team communications using Team APP.  If you or your wrestler have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible. Contact Andrew Adams, Head Coach, for assistance.
  • CovidWise App:  The state of Virginia rolled out a contact tracing app called CovidWise.  This app helps to inform the smart phone user if they have come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. If you and your family feel comfortable please download the app, the safer we are , the better our chances are of having a season.  Here is a link to the app for more information:

Most of Wrestling Doesn't Involve Wrestling

Yes you read that correctly. The great Dan Gable said that the seven essentials of wrestling are:

  1. Neutral wrestling;
  2. Mat wrestling;
  3. Strength;
  4. Conditioning;
  5. Flexibility;
  6. Nutrition;
  7. Attitude.

Only two out of Gable’s seven components of wrestling actually involve wrestling. This means 71% of what makes you a great wrestler happens off the mat. Let’s use this time to keep growing and improving so that we are ready when we can compete again. In addition to our virtual and in-person team workouts we enourage our wrestlers to do the following:

  • Solo Wrestling Drills: Sstance and motion, stand ups, penetration steps, hip heists, and neck bridges can all be practiced on your own.
  • Film Study: Being a student of the sport is critical to becoming a great wrestler. There is always something to learn from watching the best wrestlers, and there are many championship matches to watch online
  • Strength Training: Focusing on body weight exercises is the simplest way to gain strength with little to no equipment. Exercises include pull ups; push ups; sit ups; dips; and box jumps.
  • Footwork: Having good control over your footwork is imperative to becoming a great wrestler. To improve footwork focus on skipping (not jumping) rope.
  • Conditioning: We will not have much time to be in shape by the time the first competition rolls around. We want all of our wrestlers to be able to run 1 mile under 7 minutes.
  • Mental Health and Attitude: Working on coping with difficulty and channeling stress is vitual now and also in big match situations. Meditation aps, yoga and deep breathing are good tools. If you are having a difficult time, talk to a coach or parent and ask for extra support. We are here for you.