About the Team

Learn about our team philosophy, meet the current lineup and read wrestler testimonials.


Anyone who participates in wrestling, regardless of ability, can become a winner.


Our wrestlers are asked to give everything they have to practices and competitions.


We expect our student athletes to stive for the highest grades they are capable of.


We show respect to our teammates, coaches, opponents and officials.

Who We Are

The Yorktown Wrestling Program develops successful student athletes by focusing on excellence in academic performance, technique, conditioning and overall health. Our dedicated coaching staff has designed Yorktown’s program by incorporating best practices from award-winning high school and NCAA wrestling teams. Our goal is to promote a positive experience for the wrestlers, and to give each athlete the tools necessary to reach his or her highest level of success on and off the mat.

The program is open to any student, male or female, with an interest in wrestling and a commitment to fully participate throughout the season. We encourage open and positive communication between our coaches and athletes. Parent involvement is critical to the success of our program and we welcome involvement in a variety of areas, from match day logistics to fundraising.

2020-2021 Team Lineup

Max Apsel
Jonah Barkoff
Srijon Bose
Blake Buchert
Telmuun Byambajargal
Eyob Desta
Liam Gil-Swiger
Ian Haddad
Miles Mann

Chris Nordwall
Mateo Romano
Adam Saenz
Richard Suchyta
Matt Tyson
Axel Vasquez
Theo Wallace
Tommy Wotka
Berket Wube

What Our Wrestlers Have to Say

My favorite part about wrestling is that it was a sport that allowed me to use both my body and mind. Using those key components in unison taught me self control, balance, and to and mainly how to think clear under pressure. With the many times I was nervous before or during a match, I was forced to learn something new after each and every one of them, allowing me to be continuously improving. Wrestling not only taught me to notice my shortcomings, but to target them head on with a clear goal in mind.

Lyndon Mensah-Cooley

Class of 2021

I have been involved in Yorktown Wrestling for six years. From watching my brother in middle school to my senior year as team captain I have seen a complete transformation of the program. The year my brother joined, Yorktown filled four out of twelve weight classes for the district tournament; this year we won the tournament with wrestlers placing in almost all twelve weight classes. As athletes, our coaches have inspired us each and every day to show determination in the face of the most mentally and physically demanding high school sport. As students, our coaches promote discipline in academics and understand its importance.

Will Hurst

Class of 2020

Over the past couple of seasons, being a part of the wrestling team has shaped me into the person I am, both mentally and physically. It really allows me to get better grades by the second quarter of school, as my discipline increases and procrastination decreases. Lastly, being a part of the best wrestling team has allowed me to achieve not just numerous fitness goals but academic goals as well, and that leads to great things

Yassin Alallaq

Class of 2021